Thursday, November 11, 2010

you prbly noiced that im not have not posted in a while thats becuse noone is commenting viewing so yoiu need to move it up if you want me to post more bec i wont post until more posts

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thanks for noth9ign

srssly u guys why didnt you gave me with halowwen costume i went as a jedi and ever;yone though tit was really stupid and lame my friends were jerksld and like said you are unwise to loer ur defences and acted like they wer hump ingme which like the movie not at all and made ueveryone laugh like jerks i dont understnd. they stole my lifesaver to which i dont havent gotten back yet and. . but srly i thought i would getsome heolp because have comments soemthimes now the girls think im a lose i almost stop posting becasue i thought nobodhy was read my blog but todya WOOOOOOOOOOW! I GOT LIEK 50 vIES!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Quick quik!! tlell me what to be for haloween bc i dont kno what to be can't go to party withourt having a costume and dont know what to be jso tell me what costume to be to bget girls to think im cool and funny and hotf!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

should be nice to gurls?

i wnated to punch taht gurl in the face from the last post like that guy said wenh he was all like haters gonna hate but like idk if thatss somehting which is to done??? she had a bunch of her freidnss w her and im not very a big gyu and kind of weak and small not very strong which was worried for that but prbly i could outrun them buit that would be embaras to run away from giruls. but also my friend says that pnuching girls is not ok which theyre able to hit us if they want but we cant pounch them because they arenth manly and that would be mean but theyre mean too adn want to has kindness for themself., what? thats not fair i think because i want to punch them if they can pucnh or slap me and also if their gonna be mean and make fun of ppl and think theyre all cool and want me to be nice to them? also i9 want them to like me but is ticking me off that they can be likethat and i have to let them for getting that

Monday, October 18, 2010


today a girl in mmy calss randomly walked up to me and was like how often do you bursh ur teeth. obviously she thouhgt she could make me say not very much and then shed think she was all cool and be like "gross!" but because of its none of her bizness so i said every day and she was all like oh bc im taking a sirvey. nice excuse why do girls have to care so much about if peoples breath probly smells good or not ist not like i get cavities the time or anything i just chew a lot of gum afnd thatsprbly thats enuf i thikn but she was being picky and tryin to find ouyt if she could make fun of we with her friend s but i showed her and now i think ppl might actulaly care tho so maybe i'l strat brushing my teet hbut prbly not

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


if you tap your fingers on your mousepad like im doin write now, it does cool tircks! srslly tap all your fingers in a row one at a time quickly and my mouse jump ALL THE WYA ACROSS THE SCRE#EN!!!! you do it like all those ppl look all busy and annoyed when they are doing work when they are at their job for work and cant think of what they were trying to and they do the thing with ther fingers like a peano. have to do it a lot of times fast somtiems but it works fro real!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


when i posted my post about pubes these stupid hair removal ads poped up all over my blog which makes it look like i want to get ridd hair like don't the ad people read more careful then thinking that i want my hair removed instead of more of itbetter? and why don't i get more views if the hair removal ad people read my aritcle all the time and think that they can get me to buy there stuff! i want ads for somehting cool like avatar/batman/james bond you know how do i get cool ads and also more views

Friday, October 8, 2010

so i guess the muslims did 9/11 but w/e. jew/muslim/islam what's the difference.

Monday, October 4, 2010

today in class

funny story. today in school we learned about the holocaust. one of my frieds leans over and said confederately "the jews did 9/11". i didnt want to get caught talking in class so i didnt say anything back but srssly!!! everyone knows that. why do you think we had the whole freakin war in iraq the past ten years? are we just fighting the jews because we're christians? i dont think so. and neither does anyone else who's smart. srsly lol.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

proud but p-o'd

today is the day--actually not exactly it's jusst the first day i ntoiced it. the proudest and the worse day of my life. perhaps the most unclimatic experience that i'vee had that ive been looking forward to as long as i have to this one which is about a year and a quarter. im thirteen years old by the way which is kinda an useful peice of information for the following anoouncement and tirade of rant. i just noticed the growth of my first "pubic" hair. this means i am becoming more manli but is still annoying to me. Y THE FRICK do i grow hair on that part of my bodywhen i don't on my face?!!! girls dont cant tell that i am becoming more manly when it is taking place in an invisible area! also it is uncomfortable to have there i think probably thouh i havent noticed it at this point. they can only see thinsg like my face and legs which both are very hairless. they think they are too cool for me because girls mature faster than boys but thats just because they cant see that i am maturiung faster than them and that they probably dont even know what pubes are because they are too immature and havent ever seen any pubes like iam getting now. also why do they not come in evenly and slowwly but instead have to come in one really big one than another?
Oct 3, 2010