Sunday, October 24, 2010

should be nice to gurls?

i wnated to punch taht gurl in the face from the last post like that guy said wenh he was all like haters gonna hate but like idk if thatss somehting which is to done??? she had a bunch of her freidnss w her and im not very a big gyu and kind of weak and small not very strong which was worried for that but prbly i could outrun them buit that would be embaras to run away from giruls. but also my friend says that pnuching girls is not ok which theyre able to hit us if they want but we cant pounch them because they arenth manly and that would be mean but theyre mean too adn want to has kindness for themself., what? thats not fair i think because i want to punch them if they can pucnh or slap me and also if their gonna be mean and make fun of ppl and think theyre all cool and want me to be nice to them? also i9 want them to like me but is ticking me off that they can be likethat and i have to let them for getting that

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