Monday, October 18, 2010


today a girl in mmy calss randomly walked up to me and was like how often do you bursh ur teeth. obviously she thouhgt she could make me say not very much and then shed think she was all cool and be like "gross!" but because of its none of her bizness so i said every day and she was all like oh bc im taking a sirvey. nice excuse why do girls have to care so much about if peoples breath probly smells good or not ist not like i get cavities the time or anything i just chew a lot of gum afnd thatsprbly thats enuf i thikn but she was being picky and tryin to find ouyt if she could make fun of we with her friend s but i showed her and now i think ppl might actulaly care tho so maybe i'l strat brushing my teet hbut prbly not