Sunday, October 3, 2010

proud but p-o'd

today is the day--actually not exactly it's jusst the first day i ntoiced it. the proudest and the worse day of my life. perhaps the most unclimatic experience that i'vee had that ive been looking forward to as long as i have to this one which is about a year and a quarter. im thirteen years old by the way which is kinda an useful peice of information for the following anoouncement and tirade of rant. i just noticed the growth of my first "pubic" hair. this means i am becoming more manli but is still annoying to me. Y THE FRICK do i grow hair on that part of my bodywhen i don't on my face?!!! girls dont cant tell that i am becoming more manly when it is taking place in an invisible area! also it is uncomfortable to have there i think probably thouh i havent noticed it at this point. they can only see thinsg like my face and legs which both are very hairless. they think they are too cool for me because girls mature faster than boys but thats just because they cant see that i am maturiung faster than them and that they probably dont even know what pubes are because they are too immature and havent ever seen any pubes like iam getting now. also why do they not come in evenly and slowwly but instead have to come in one really big one than another?
Oct 3, 2010

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